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Français - Omen est une guilde francophone et anglophone. Nous acceptons et avons des joueurs parlant français et anglais. Le but principal d'Omen est d'avancer le plus loin possible dans les raids à 25 personnes.

English - Omen is a french and english speaking guild. We accept and we already have french and english speaking players. The main goal of Omen is to advance the most in 25 men raids.

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Heroic Blast Furnace Down

by Swisgar420, 1195 days ago

Ernie did it again.... We're now 9/10 Heroic

Someone used Kangs' Bindstone on Gruul this week resulting in this

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Heroic Maidens Down

by Swisgar420, 1209 days ago


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BRF Week 7

by Swisgar420, 1216 days ago

Normal Blackhand died tonight. Still sitting at 7/10 heroic but Maidens will die next week

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BRF Week 6

by Swisgar420, 1223 days ago

Well nothing new down in Heroic but did manage 7/10 in first night. Maidens and Blast Furnace down on normal and we can begin Blackhand progression next week

Also this happened. NEED MOAR ERNIE's

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BRF Week 5

by Swisgar420, 1230 days ago

2 more heroic bosses down. Operator Thogar and Whoregorger taking us to 7/10 Heroic

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BRF Week 4 Update

by Swisgar420, 1237 days ago

Two more bosses down on heroic Darmac and Flamebender. That makes us 4/10

One more down on normal Kromag. Taking us to 7/10

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